Historic Rally

Historic Motor Sport allows the history of the automobile to be celebrated actively. The FIA has created regulations so that historic cars can be used in competition subject to rules preserving the specifications of their period and preventing performances from being modified as well as behaviour resulting from the use of modern technology.  

Historic Competition Vehicles, are all cars manufactured before 1970, in full compliance of this period and which meet the F.I.A.’s rules (International Automobile Federation).

* HCVs are organised in groups and categories based on various criteria: their year, their engine capacity, their construction method, etc.

* Periods: E (1947-1961), F ( 1962-1965 ) and G (1966-1971).

During the 2018 edition of the Rallye International du Valais, historic competition cars will compete on the same circuit as modern cars.  They will race before the modern rally as a preview to modern racing.


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